Infusion UK are one of the premier integrated sales and marketing agencies for London and the South East, based in Surrey. We can help you create integrated marketing programmes that really work hard for your money.

Infusion UK know one size doesn’t fit all, so our work will be tailored to your needs –
whether you simply want a new logo or want to create a multi-national marketing
campaign, we can help you achieve your goals.
Creating a product strategy and marketing plans...

What products or services should you sell?

What do your customers really want?

How much should you charge?

And what should you say in your marketing materials – from exhibitions and websites to adverts and direct mail.

Infusion UK can help you to develop the right product strategy and the right marketing plan to get your message out to potential customers in the most effective way.
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Creative marketing – design, logos, copywriting and corporate identity

We will work with you to develop new and creative ideas for your marketing and products.

We can design professional marketing materials, from a simple logo or letterhead to a brochure, complete website or corporate video.

A picture can paint a thousand words, but choosing the right words can be difficult.

Our copywriters can write brochures, website copy or sales letters that really work.
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Finding new customers – sales lead generation and sales appointments

Marketing campaigns only work if they generate sales.

Infusion UK offer you a complete service for finding customers.

We can use our own sources to build a database of your potential customers.

Then we will get contact details for the relevant person and make sales calls to generate sales leads or appointments.
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